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Hello Fashionable! You guys must be curious to see the fashion style from around the world. Through fashion, we can express our self. Do you know what country that famous with Sakura? Yes, it is Japan! Japan is also known with their unique and popular fashion style. Their fashion style is always changes from year to year. 

Let’s take a look on the fashion style in Japan!  


This fashion style is become the most popular trend in Japan. Mostly, Harajuku style is worn by teenagers at the Harajuku area. This type of style is more focused on the funky, unique and distinctive in appearance. 

Do you know the history of Harajuku style?

The occurrence of Harajuku style begins when world war II ended, in that time the army of America are mingle with people in Harajuku. Then, there was an acculturation fashion style in western with Japan. That’s why it is known as a Harajuku style. 


Cosplay comes with the world costume and play. Cosplay means imitating the characters in comics, anime, game, or a band. This trend is become popular since 1990. The beginning of the cosplay style is worn when Halloween. 

What makes a good cosplay?

You need to be aware of detail, when preparing for a cosplay invention it is important to plan ahead and focuses on the detail. When it comes to cosplay invention, there are a lot of fans of the character you role will notice if the details are missing.  You also need to be creative, this may not only exudes creativity but requires an imagination. Last but not least you have to be confidence. 


Kawaii is a style combination with colorful and cute appearance. The person who is dressed in Kawaii usually uses a lot of excessive accessories, full of colors (dominant in pink color), socks followed by stockings, and layered clothing (3-4 clothes). Mostly, they act like a child and talk like a child while wearing Kawaii style. 

In fact, this style is a Japan culture which means not only fashion requires on this category, but it can be food, game, person attitude, and entertainment. This style is starting in Japan since 1970 and from that time this culture is become popular. 



Shironuri means painted in white. The idea was originally based on Geisha and kabuki make up in a Japan tradition. This is a trend where people need to color their face became very white. For the outfits, they can wear anything they want. All they need to do is painted their face into white, that’s the point. 

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