Let’s Take a Look at the Development of Indonesian Language

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Did you know the Indonesian language developed from the Malay language? Yep, that’s true Malay language is used as an official language from Indonesia languages and is also known as the language that made the nation become united. 

The Indonesian language was inaugurated after the proclamation process from the independence of Indonesia. 

Meanwhile, if we take a look from the linguistic side Indonesian language is a form of various languages from the Malay language. 

As the language that made the nation united, the Indonesian language is then used as the language for Indonesians daily activities. The Indonesian language has not only made the nation united but has also made the citizens united with the differences they all have. 

The History

The history of the Indonesian language is not far from its name. ‘Bahasa Indonesia’ began at the same time Youth Pledge or known as ‘Sumpah Pemuda’ was made on 28th October 1928. 

Until now Indonesian language is known as words that are alive and of course has made various new words and meanings which is influenced by the process of the language creation or can be from the system application from foreign languages including the local language used in the environment. 

Indonesian language is used and understood by Indonesian citizens, although the language is not their mother tongue language but the Indonesian language has a huge number of speakers and used in most Indonesians daily life. 

Aside from that Indonesia language is also known as the language with a wide usage level. This is proven by the use of the Indonesian language found in various media, educational environment, and in schools and colleges. 

There are 4 factors on how the Indonesian language began;

  1. The Malay language is known as lingua franca which means a language used between people who don’t speak one another’s native language. The Indonesian language is included as the language for trading and a language in the transportation system. 
  2. The system in the Malay language can be said easy because it is very easy for Indonesian citizens to understand and to study. It is because the use of Malay language doesn’t use levels in the language itself.
  3. Various tribes and ethnics in Indonesia such as Javanese tribes, Sundanese tribes, and many more tribes can easily accept the Malay language as the Indonesian language which is then used as a national language. 
  4. The Malay language is considered to have the ability to be used as a cultural language. In this case, the language has a broader meaning. 

If we take a look from the era of colonialism that began to build a book publisher that is known for the name Commissie Voor de Volkselctuur or ‘park for reading’ which then was changed into Balai Pustaka ‘library’ in 1917. 

After that, the development continued in 1927 which is made by Jahja Datoek that began to use the Indonesian language in his first speech. Meanwhile, on 28th October 1928, Muhammad Yamin did an inaugurated to make the Malay language as a language of the unity of Indonesia. 

Then in 1933 kinds of literature began to rise which is led by Takdir Alisyahbana which then started to arrange new grammars from the Indonesian language in 1936, and on the 25th until the 28th of June in 1938 began an Indonesian language congress which the users then continues until today. 

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